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Technology for low cost production of communicative foils

The Chip2Foil project aims at realising a technology platform for low cost placement and interconnection of ultra thin chips on polymer foils, within a high volume, reel-to-reel production concept. This competence is necessary to realise the communicative packages against cost requirements. Communicative packages provide increased interaction between the packed product, the package and the user through near-field communication systems. The application focused on in the Chip2Foil project is a Smart Blister package, which monitors the medicine taking behaviour of patients to ensure therapy compliance.

The technical concept proposed in the Chip2Foil project combines two main elements: (1) self-assembly for high speed ultra thin chip placement with moderate accuracy, and (2) an adaptive circuitry approach, which compensates the initial placement errors and creates electrical interconnects after the chips have been placed. This approach is expected to result in high throughput and low cost manufacturing of foil-based packages.

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